TGI Fridays Menu – Enjoy World Class Menu At Any Location Of TGI Fridays Restaurant

TGI Fridays Menu – Enjoy World Class Menu At Any Location Of TGI Fridays Restaurant

Did you know that TGI Fridays menu items are carefully selected, prepared, and served by highly trained professionals in the hospitality business? Did you also know that the restaurant is one of the most popular one when it comes to top quality dishes that are also friendly to health watchers? TGI Fridays menu is simply attractive, and has been the secret of the restaurant’s success over the years; and you are soon to find out more in this article as you continue to read. One good thing about TGI Fridays restaurant is that you can download the printable version of its menu right from the official site; and this gives you enough time to plan ahead of your next visit.

The secret of any successful restaurant is in its recipes; and how they are successfully put together. TGI Fridays recipes have been highly researched and redesigned in so many ways over the years; and that is why the restaurant has been able to retain its huge customer base over the years.

TGI Fridays Menu

TGI Fridays menu seems to carry every category of customers along; and that is why even kids are included in their various food items. TGI Fridays menu selections are very long, and customers will definitely be spoilt for choice. The choice of top quality menu items include the following; appetizers, Jack Daniel’s Grill, Premium Black Angus Steaks, Sizzling, Fridays Fusion Skewers, Ribs and Seafood, Soup and Salad, Chicken and Pasta, Black Angus Burgers, Sandwiches, Best of Fridays, Lunch, Kids, and Desserts.


You can plan an unforgettable party at any of the restaurant’s location of your choice with delicious appetizers from TGI Fridays. Your choice includes top quality appetizers such as; Tuscan Spinach Dip (Spinach and artichoke hearts with sautéed onions and bell peppers, blended with Parmigiano and Romano cheeses and delivered hot to your table along with Friday’s red and white corn tortilla chips), Friday’s Pick Three-For-All (Pick one: Traditional or boneless wings with Jack™ Championship BBQ, Garlic Parmesan, Classic Buffalo, Caribbean Rum Sauce or Inferno. Pick any two of the following: crispy green bean fries, fried mozzarella, loaded potato skins or pan-seared pot stickers), Buffalo wings (Go boneless or traditional with these favourites with sauces ranging from mild to spicy – Jack™ Championship BBQ, Garlic Parmesan, Classic Buffalo, Caribbean Rum Sauce and Inferno. Served with celery and bleu cheese or ranch dressing), Tapa-tizer Mediterranean Skewers, Jack Daniels Sampler, Loaded Potato Skins, Friday’s Tostado Nachos, Crispy Green Bean Fries (Crunchy green bean fries breaded and fried to a golden brown. Our cool and creamy Cucumber-Wasabi Ranch dip adds just a touch of spicy), and many more.

Jack Daniel’s  Grill

The Jack Daniel’s Grill according to TGI Fridays restaurant and other loyal patrons is not just for sipping. This TGI Fridays menu gives you a taste of heaven, and is a must for customers who love top quality meals. Some of the sumptuous meals you can look forward to include the following; Jack Daniel’s Chicken & Shrimp (a tender grilled chicken breast, glazed with our Jack Daniel’s sauce, together with crispy Cajun-spiced shrimp, and served with your choice of two sides), the famous Jack Daniel’s® Ribs, Jack Daniel’s® Sirloin & Shrimp, Jack Daniel’s® Flat Iron, and many more.

Ribs & Seafood

Lovers of mouth watering seafood as well as ribs can dash to their favorite TGI Fridays restaurant to enjoy lots of fresh catch. This TGI Fridays menu includes; Shrimp Key West (two skewers of shrimp are dusted with Cajun spices, grilled over an open fire and splashed with a tangy ginger-lime dressing. Served with fresh steamed broccoli), Salmon Langostino Lobster, Grilled Shrimp Scampi & Salmon (Butterflied jumbo shrimp, charbroiled shell-on and served in a garlic and tomato scampi sauce, paired with a delicately seasoned fire-grilled 7-ounce Norwegian salmon fillet. Served with your choice of two sides), Parmesan-Crusted Crab Salmon, Baby Back Ribs, Friday’s Shrimp (the TGI Fridays’ crispy, golden brown shrimp are great by the dozen), Parmesan-Crusted Crab Flounder, and Dragonfire Salmon.

Chicken & Pasta

Lovers of top quality chicken and pasta can also look forward to lots of delicious items such as; the Parmesan-Crusted Chicken, Bruschetta Chicken Pasta, Dragonfire Chicken, Cajun Shrimp & Chicken Pasta, Chicken Fingers (crispy and golden brown on the outside, tender and juicy inside; served with honey mustard dressing and fries), and Chicken Piccata Pasta.


Not everyone has the time to prepare something special for lunch while at home these days. As a matter of fact, who says it is a bad idea to try something new at least once in a while in a world class restaurant like TGI Fridays? Customers can always look forward to highly delicious TGI Fridays menu selections for lunch. A few to look out for include; Jack Daniel’s Burger, Southwest Burger, and the New York Cheddar & Bacon Burger (a premium bacon-cheeseburger, with extra fixings Melted New York Sharp Cheddar, applewood-smoked bacon, Cajun-spiced fried onion strings and a sweet chow-chow relish).

TGI Fridays Menu For Kids

Surely you can come over to TGI Fridays restaurant with your family because they also have plans for kids as well. Kids can enjoy specially made meals that include desserts, sides, and various entrees.

TGI Fridays Printable Menu 

Surely you can find out more about TGI Fridays menu by downloading the printable PDF format on the website. This will surely help you have a better understanding of all kinds of menu being served by the restaurant.

TGI Fridays Nutrition

Customers are more comfortable when they have enough information about what they eat or drink. That is why customers can download or learn more about TGI Fridays nutrition on the restaurant’s official website.

Customers can learn more about the restaurant’s menu by visiting 3rd party sites, Google, and by reading a couple of food magazines. You may also check out a few other related menu selections from other restaurants including the following; Chilis menu, Applebees menu, Olive Garden menu, and Ruby Tuesday menu. You can also find out more about various menu items and prices from your favourite location.

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